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Diversity and Inclusion at DC Strokes

Statement of Inclusion and Transgender and Non-Binary Identity Policy

Building on our spirit of inclusivity, the DC Strokes Board of Directors developed this policy to ensure that DC Strokes is on the forefront of advocacy with regards to transgender and non-binary athletes, especially with regards to the following:

  • DC Strokes Rowing Club shall proactively ensure that we are welcoming and prepared to incorporate members with transgender and non­binary identities (gender-neutral, genderqueer, etc.) by ensuring that our coaches are familiar with US Rowing Rules regarding participation by transgender athletes, coaches are sensitive to coaching transgender and non-binary individuals, and all teammates are welcoming and inviting of their peers.

  • DC Strokes Rowing Club shall ensure and emphasize sensitivity with regards to components or our programs and shall not create any positions (e.g. team captains) or subsets thereof that would place emphasis on or discriminate against any individual on the basis of gender identity or gender expression, except as necessitated by US Rowing Rules and Regulations (e.g. racing lineups).
  • DC Strokes Rowing Club shall ensure that any special programs are welcoming of all individuals whose identity or expression aligns with the focus of the program (e.g. women’s program).
  • DC Strokes Rowing Club shall encourage the use of personal pronouns. To this end, we have updated our members’ profiles to provide appropriate options for gender and personal pronoun.

If any member or coach (1) is a victim of harassment or discrimination or (2) is made aware of harassment or discrimination against another member or coach, it shall be immediately reported to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall promptly intervene, taking appropriate action to resolve the issue.

Ensuring that our programs are welcoming to all individuals is a core value of our organization, and DC Strokes Rowing is proud to serve, encourage, and promote the accomplishments of all athletes!