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Competitive Program

The Competitive Program rows five days a week in the mornings and is for rowers interested in rigorous training and competition. One year of previous rowing experience is required.

Practice Schedule

March 26 - October 29
Monday - Friday, 5:10 am - 7:00 am

  • Daily participation is expected for all Competitive Program rowers.

$925, plus regatta fees and travel expenses.  Payable by personal check, credit or debit card.

  • EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!  If you pay in full by 1 April, save $25!
  • May be paid in three installments
  • Student Discounts are available.

The goal of the Competitive Program is develop the skills of all rowers in a highly competitive environment where each individual has the opportunity to improve and compete at the highest level.  Our hope is to have multiple competitive lineups that can push each other, and not to emphasize a single lineup such that other rowers and lineups feel that they are left behind or not given the opportunity to improve.

Program Structure
The Competitive Program will meet 5 days per week, with emphasis placed on building technique, endurance, and strength.  The focus of this team will be to boat the most competitive lineups possible among more advanced rowers, while also honing the skills of less experienced rowers as they transition into the more competitive aspects of masters rowing.  Competitive Program rowers will be evaluated and placed in set lineups based on methods established by the coaching staff, including seat races, erg scores, participation in practice, and general technical ability.

What can rowers expect of the program?
During the first several weeks of the season, and thereafter on planned technique or long row days,  lineups will combine rowers with different experience and technique levels, allowing less experienced rowers to row with more experienced and technically skilled rowers.  As the season progresses, more emphasis will be placed on race preparation.  Rowers will regularly row in predefined set lineups, allowing possible race lineups to be tested and coached for technique  specific to the lineup.  Set lineups will be prioritized on certain days, and all rowers in a lineup will be expected to attend on those days.

What is expected of rowers?
Consistent attendance at practice is critical to building a cohesive team with the skill set and physical conditioning necessary for high-level competition in masters rowing.  Boat lineups consisting of rowers with vastly different skill levels and physical conditioning can present a safety hazard when preparing for high-level competition. As such, after an initial learning and acclimation period, Competitive Program rowers must exhibit a level of skill consistent with the performance and safety expectations established by the coaching staff and approved by the Board of Directors.  If a rower does not meet these expectations after the initial period, the rower may be encouraged by the Programs Director (in consultation with the coaching staff and the Board of Directors) to pursue additional technique focused training, either with the Club or Novice programs.  However, it is the official policy of the DC Strokes Rowing Club that the coaching staff does not “cut” rowers from any program.
Contact the Programs Director

Comp Lead Coach: Daniel Voigtsberger
Assistant Coach: Andrew Lalley

Tentative 2018 Racing Schedule
Not all dates have been confirmed by the host clubs.

Sprint Race Season (1000m)
June 3
Stonewall Regatta
Washington, DC
June 24

Row for the Cure

Washington, DC

July 7

Capital Sprints

Washington, DC

July 22
Diamond State
Middletown, DE

Aug 16-19
Masters Nationals
Oakland, CA

Head Race Season (2.5-2.8 miles)
Sept 16

Head of the Cuyahoga

Cleveland, OH

Sept 23
Head of the Potomac
Washington, DC
Oct 14

Occoquan Chase

Lorton, VA

Oct 20-21
Head of the Charles
Boston, MA
Oct 27
Head of the Schuylkill
Philadelphia, PA

*Schedule may change as season progresses

Photo by Dan Kaufman

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