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2018 Board of Directors


Brian Forehand
Brian Forehand

Brian is honored to serve as President of DC Strokes for the 2017 season! Brian began rowing with DC Strokes in 2003, joining the novice team after completing Learn to Row at Thompson's Boat Center. Since first joining DC Strokes, Brian has served as Programs Director (2004-05), TeamDC Rep (2014), and Development Director (mid-2014 to 2016), as well as ACBA's Renovations Committee Chair (2004-06; 2008) and Relocation Committee Chair (2009–10), where he helped to establish ACBA's current home. Brian is committed to ensuring that DC Strokes is as successful as possible, both on and off the water, and looks forward to fostering our sense of pride and interconnectivity as ‘One Team’ and strengthening our commitment to our rowers, programs, and outreach in the community!

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Ken Kreise
Previous Year President

I first caught the rowing bug in college. However, graduate school and work kept me from participating in rowing for many years. Fortunately, I was able to return to rowing in 2008 when he moved to DC. I was looking for a way to meet people, get involved in the community, and stay active and rowing seemed to be the perfect fit. Since joining DC Strokes, I have served three times as the club’s Programs Director, and coordinated the team’s regatta activities as Regatta Czar since 2009. As a team member, I’ve watched our club grow, in numbers of active rowers, with new, quality, equipment, and in our performance on the water. As President, I look forward to continuing this momentum and growth, while also challenging our club and members to think about and start planning for the future. Eight years and counting and I’m still as excited as ever to hit the water and start racing for DC Strokes.





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