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2019 Winter Training

Coached Indoor Winter Training

This DC Strokes program is designed as a 16-week training plan that builds in intensity from December 2018 until the beginning of the 2019 season. Developed and led by USRowing Level II certified coach Rachel Freedman, the program is designed for a complete range of rower experience levels. Coach Rachel will work with individuals to fine-tune erg technique, set goals, track progress, build power and cardio endurance, and find speed.

Class size is limited to 18. Registration is on a month-by-month, first-come, first-served basis, so register and secure your place today!

Rowers are also welcome to pay for all four months up front. Sign up at

If you haven’t registered for a particular month, drop-in participation is also available for a $8.00/session fee, paid by credit card at the door.


Monthly Rates for DCSRC members:

December (12 sessions): $72.00

January (13 sessions): $78.00

February (12 sessions): $72.00

March (8 sessions): $48.00


Full Winter Training Registration:

Register and pay in full by Saturday, December 1st and receive all four months of training for only $225.00!  ($45.00 savings!)


DC Strokes' winter training is designed for rowers who have completed a learn-to-row program, and a minimum of one season on the water. If you are interested in learning to row, please read more about the DC Strokes Learn-to-Row Program.


Schedule and Start Dates

(Please note that these times may change. You will be notified of any adjustments to the schedule.)

Morning Track: Tuesday & Friday 6:00-7:00am, Sunday 10:00-11:00am

Evening Track: Tuesday & Thursday 6:15-7:15pm, Sunday 11:00am-12:00pm


Introductory sessions: Thursday, November 29th (6:15pm) and Friday, November 30th (6:00am)

These introductory sessions will focus on technique, understanding and using erg monitor data,  and getting a feel for where each individual rower is in their training. Rowers of all skill levels are welcome, but these introductory sessions are primarily intended for rising second-year rowers.

First full training sessions: Sunday, December 2 (10:00 and 11:00am)

Coach Rachel will provide all participants a training plan at the beginning of each month. In general, here’s what to expect:

Tuesdays: Technique fundamentals work through drills and a variety of intensity levels will develop your fitness base for the 2019 sprint season. 

Thursday evening & Friday morning: These sessions will focus on two goals: participation at the 2019 Erg Sprints (held February 2nd in Alexandria, VA), and preparation for Spring erg tests. Find your power and speed through various length sprint intervals. 

Sundays: Developstrength and stability through an abs, plyometrics, and cardio circuit comprised of body weight exercises, kettlebells, medicine ball work, and box jumps/steps. 

ALL SESSIONS will include a dynamic stretching warm up and a yoga-based cool down focused on increasing mobility and flexibility through key areas, including the lumbar and thoracic spine, hips, hamstrings, shoulders, and ankles.


FYI: Boathouse Facilities

Cold weather wreaks havoc on the pipes in the shower and bathroom trailers, so they will be locked and drained of water from the end of November through mid-March. Please make alternate plans for morning showers and come prepared with a full bottle of water/thirst quencher. The port-a-johns in the parking lot will be available.

The erg room heaters will be warming up when you arrive. Plan to wear layers to begin your warm up and workout, and be ready to peel layers off as the workout moves along.

Ready to Sign Up?

Step 1: Become a member.
In order to participate in a program, you need to become a member.  

Step 2: Come back here, choose your session and register.
Select Your Session Here         


Full Season: $225

December (12 Sessions): $72
January (13 Sessions): $78
February (12 Sessions): $72
March (8 Sessions): $48

Punchcard 10 Classes: $65 

Drop in Per Session: $8


Contact the Programs Director.