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DC Strokes has a long history of serving the Washington D.C. community. Formed in 1991, it is one of only two fully independent LGBTQ rowing clubs in the world. With a mission to introduce and promote the sport of rowing to the LGBTQ community and its allies, DC Strokes continues to touch people throughout the national capital region through a variety of outreach programs

Building Communities and Promoting Health

DC Strokes Youth

In association with Serve Your City, DC Strokes Rowing Club established a rowing program for at-risk DC students in 2013.  Originally called "Hill East Crew", DC Strokes Youth endeavors to introduce the sport of rowing, a popular sport in the region but rarely accessible to under-served youth.

DC Strokes Youth is one of a kind program and the only rowing program purposefully designed to introduce rowing to youth in SE DC public schools.  The goal of DC Strokes Youth is to introduce young people (aged 12-17) to the sport of rowing, which promotes physical fitness and emphasizes the importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship, perseverance, and hard work. Despite living close to the river, many program participants have not experienced being near it, let alone on the river. Through the DC Strokes/Serve Your City collaboration, DC Strokes Youth gives them a chance to experience the river for the first time.

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Whitman-Walker Lesbian Services Program

Women's rowing programs have grown considerably over the past 10 years. Women's issues are particularly important and we recognize that rowing can help create an active healthy lifestyle. Working with Whitman-Walker, DC Strokes offered a great weekend clinic for 16 very enthusiastic women. This charged-up group found a new outlet. We're hoping to see them back this year!

Anacostia Community Boathouse and Youth River Sports Day

With a vision and leadership from DC Strokes members, the Anacostia Community Boathouse Association developed a one-day community program aimed to reach our city's youth. This program brought together the resources from 10 different ACBA organizations, including DC Strokes to put on all-day program for children and youth. More than 70 volunteers served more than 150 attendees. Whether it was learning how to row, learning how to paddle one of the beautiful dragon boats or taking a river tour, everyone had a good time.

Breaking Down Barriers

Booz Allen Hamilton's GLOBE Employee Forum

DC Strokes sponsored a Learn-to-Row Clinic for Booz Allen employees, family and friends to build teamwork skills, deepen bonds of trust and promote good will in a non-work environment.


DC Strokes is always working to make rowing more accessible to more people and that includes those who are deaf or hearing impaired. Working with DeafDC, DC Strokes brought together a great group of folks who learned very quickly. By the end of the day, everyone had learned something including new ways to communicate without saying a word.

Whitman-Walker HIV/AIDS Clinic

Near to our hearts' is DC's HIV/AIDS community. Though we have come a long way in our understanding and treatment of the disease, we still struggle to help the person who is affected. Since breaking down barriers is such an important core principle to our organization, we find extra special meaning in helping this community wherever we can. Though Whitman-Walker, we hosted a terrific one-day Learn-to-Row clinic. Everyone had a great time and so many of the participants were looking for the next opportunity.

Outreach Opportunities

Learn-to-Row Clinics

We host full-day and half-day Learn-to-Row clinics. Clinic participation fosters a sense of community, increases people’s awareness of the Anacostia River and allows individuals a chance to participate in an activity that may previously have seemed out of reach.

Please contact the Outreach Director for more information or send us a message directly


While DC Strokes has grown over the years, we are always interested in your direct support. You don't need to be a rower to come by and be a part of our community.

Please contact the Outreach Director for more information or send us a message directly

Community Resources

Take a look at Serve DC  the D.C. commission on National and Community Service.