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DC Strokes Unveils New Logo

 | Published on 6/18/2012

DC Strokes is excited to unveil their new updated logo. The board’s goal in updating the club’s branding was to create a public persona that is polished, reputable, and modern - all designed to be in step with today’s Web and social media standards, while ensuring that our LGBT heritage and mission prevailed.

The new logo builds on our existing oar design, incorporating the blue blade with the equilateral pink triangle, the incorporation of a crest – a historic symbol of rowing clubs – that conveys a message of strength and tradition. In addition, the new logo adopts the three stars of the DC Flag, representing our commitment to the Washington, D.C. / Anacostia river community as we continue to grow in our new boathouse.

The board is excited about the new logo that we feel preserves our mission of ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for LGBT athletes and our allies, with the addition of signaling our commitment to the DC community.

DC Strokes would also like to thank Rachel Freedman, our novice coach, for her pro bono graphic art services through her company Sport Creative not only with the new logo, but also our Learn To Row and Stonewall shirts.