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Complete the following steps to register as a rower with DC Strokes on iCrew:

Create your iCrew Account

Complete the following steps to register as a rower with DC Strokes on iCrew:

Visit this registration link ( to initiate your account creation.

Select the appropriate registration link for you. If you're new to iCrew and your program is displayed, selecting that program will both create your iCrew user profile and enroll you into that team. You can change your team later if you meant to enroll in a different program.

On the next screen, enter the registration code DCSRCxMem

Next, complete all information (starred and unstarred) required for your account creation.

Click Register.

NOTE: If you already have an iCrew profile, you do not need to create another account. You can go directly to registering for your program.To have access to all of the communication features of iCREW you must include your cell number and phone carrier in your profile. Then select “Receive discussion alerts as text message?” to ensure that you are able to send and receive all team communication.

Log in and next steps

Registration completed?  Follow these steps in your Member Profile to complete your onboarding in iCrew:

Log in to iCrew ( with your newly created user ID and password.  You may be asked to create a new password upon your initial login.

Welcome to iCrew!  Click "My Profile" as seen in the image.  Here, you will see additional athlete information that is needed to complete the process (see fields below).  Save your additions and you are finished! 

  • First and last name

  • Your “Tile Name” is the name used by the coaches on the Line-ups screen. It is usually your first name and last initial but can also be your preferred nickname.

  • You are not obligated to provide your height or weight, but with the limited inventory of small boats, we may need that information to plan for equipment availability.

  • "Share my info with other members?" - checking gives information access to other Strokes crew members.

  • You also do not need to provide gender, however as a club that prides itself on inclusivity, it is helpful to designate that so your teammates know your preference.

  • A note about entering a gender: You can enter either a pronoun or a gender. From the admin side of things what we see is the first letter (Female = F, Male = M, They/Them = T, She = S, and He = H, etc) so if you will be sharing that information go ahead and choose what you feel most comfortable with. (Hat-tip to Chicago Rowing Union for figuring that one out!)

  • Rowing-specific information, including your USRowing membership number.

Uploading your vaccine card

Registered with DC Strokes iCrew? Here's a handy tip for uploading proof of vaccination or medical exemption from vaccination:

On your home page, click profile

Underneath your profile pic (if you have one) is a little cloud icon with an arrow up that will allow you to upload an image in .jpg or .pdf format. (see screenshot below)

Follow the prompts to upload a file from your phone or computer, and click upload.

Nice! you've uploaded a doc for your vaccination or medical exemption!

Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 8.31.01 PM.png

Download the app today!

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