EARTH DAY 🌎 2022 will be celebrated at the boathouse on Saturday, April 23, with joint Anacostia Watershed Society/Anacostia Community Boathouse Association (ACBA) clean up and bioswale work sessions.

The bioswale work session will be 9:30am - 12 (the AWS Clean up is 10am -12).


Please consider joining us for a special session on SATURDAY for Earth Day. (Regular monthly Bioswale work sessions tend to happen on the last Sunday of the month).

Students who need service learning hours can also get credit for helping - bring your forms for us to sign. Leaders of youth programs are encouraged to arrange for your youth participation. We can work with you to provide a tailored experience.

Care of the bioswale is an ACBA-wide activity so we are looking for representatives from all clubs in the boathouse community. The morning satisfies your volunteer hours requirement. Your help with the edge of the river at the boathouse will be greatly appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, April 23! 🌱

For the River!


Mary Ellsworth

Environmental Captain, ACBA


BIG NEWS! Coaches Tyler Pabst and Rachel Freedman are BACK, baby! It’s been more than six years since we last coached together but the stars have aligned and we can’t wait to get back on the water with YOU and the DC Strokes Evening Sweep program.

Together, we bring more than 40 years of rowing, coaching, and coxing experience to Evening Sweep. With Tyler’s vantage point as a 6’5” former collegiate rower and masters coach, and Rachel’s perspective as a 5’2” masters rower, coach, and coxswain, we’ve got a wide range of knowledge and skills to help you become a strong, fast, and efficient rower.

The past two years wreaked havoc on rowing programs across the country – including Strokes. The team will be smaller than it was before. We’ll be setting new goals and new standards. Together, we get to make this program challenging and gratifying, motivational and inclusive, and most important: fun!

If you’re reading this, it’s because we want YOU to get on the water and row with us this Spring. Plans are coming together but here’s what we have in mind:

Practice schedule: Monday-Thursday, 6:15-8:00pm beginning April 4

  • Model Mondays: skills and drills focus on body prep, position, and awareness

  • Timing Tuesday: skills and drills focus on timing throughout the stroke cycle

  • Werk it Wednesday: Intervals, steady state, and pressure/rating builds

  • Thirsty Thursdays: Uptempo and intensity work + Earn the title Rower of the Week to earn a PBR from Coach Pabst

If you have old notions of what rowing is, what it used to be for you, what you want it to be… we hope you’ll say yes to rowing in the evening, even if you consider yourself a morning rower. You’ll get to see sunsets instead of sunrises, and drink beers at The Brig after Thursday practices instead of eating muffins on Friday mornings before work.

Come back to rowing and be a part of rebuilding and representing DC Strokes. Register today!

Got questions? Email us!

See you at the boathouse,

Head Coach Tyler Pabst (

Asst. Coach Rachel Freedman (

Ping your pal Pat in Poughkeepsie.

Call your cousin Carol in Cleveland.

Pair up with Aunt Annie in Annapolis

It's time for the 2022 DC Strokes 2022 Spring Fitness Challenge!

Modelled after our popular Virtual Stonewall Regattas held during the pandemic, the Spring Fitness Challenge is a fun way to get moving as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer.

How it works
  • Walk, run, bike, row or erg a whole lot between March 12 through March 19.

  • Earn points based on how many meters you log.

  • The top five "finishers" in each category will receive winner medals.

  • All registrants will receive a participation medal.

Increase your chances

After registering, you can form or be on as many teams as you like:

  • Two-person teams (You and your pal Pat could be "Team Go-Go"; you and your cousin Carol could also be "Team Cherry Blossoms")

  • Four-person teams (You and Pat and Carol and Aunt Annie also could be "Team Mambo Sauce")

  • Eight-person teams (Find four more and create yet another team.)

It all starts soon!

$35 per person gets you on as many teams as you want



Nadege Nouviale and Patrick Krieger, Directors