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August 12, 2022


252 Nassau Street

Princeton, NJ 08542

To the USRowing Board:

Over the last two months, we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support in response to our letter to you on June 2, 2022. We have heard from rowers, coaches, referees, business owners, parents, and children. LGBTQ+ people and their allies have shared with us how your decision to hold Masters National Championships in Sarasota, FL, has affected them and altered their relationship with the sport. Well over 300 individuals, organizations, and rowing clubs have joined our action.

Since our letter, we have heard from your staff and leadership: We are pleased that you plan to develop and distribute a venue and vendor policy and a more transparent process for venue selection by the end of this year. We look forward to a time for public comments and feedback. We are encouraged that you might change venues for Nationals in 2023 and beyond—hopefully ensuring USRowing regattas will be held in states with laws that reflect your stated values. We will continue to wait for news on this front.

Yet in the face of progress, your staff has said on multiple occasions that the success of Masters National Championships is what makes USRowing’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives possible in the first place. At one point telling us, "Every single dollar of operating profit" from "membership, organizational and individual events and regattas, youth and masters programming, coaching education, and safety and wellbeing" is "essentially" what funds USRowing’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work.

This implies that USRowing operates a lean budget with profits dedicated largely to advancing issues of social equity, but that is not the case.

In 2020 (the last year a public filing is available), three (3) of USRowing’s coaches alone were paid a combined total of $717,508—not including $19,821 in other compensation. That same filing states that you awarded $0 in grants and scholarships, which certainly gives you room for growth when it comes to funding your DEI work. These three coaches, and a handful of others like them, benefit a select few rowers, yet are paid for by our membership dues and profits from Nationals and similar events.

As we wrote on June 2, "We understand that doing the right thing can be hard and costly, but that is how USRowing’s mettle and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion will be shown—if it is willing to do what is right to protect and support its members."

And as your staff wrote on June 22, "We believe that change will come by demonstrating our values wherever we go, providing visibility and voice to our LGBTQ+ rowers, and growing the size and diversity of our sport, so that our voice delivers a greater impact."

To that end, the Board of Directors of DC Strokes Rowing Club has voted to create a dedicated fund to recruit, support, and develop LGBTQ+ rowers around the country. Beginning in 2023, LGBTQ+ rowers from other clubs and organizations will be invited to apply for scholarships to pay for their USRowing, club, and program fees; those who are interested in competing in regattas will be able to apply for travel and housing grants to help ease the burden of participation in events that are far from home; and clubs interested in training LGBTQ+ rowers and coaches will be able to apply for funding to do just that—including the disbursement of learn-to-row grants and stipends for those interested in pursuing Level 1, 2, or 3 Coaching Certification.

We will work with other organizations to grow this fund and expand the resources and opportunities available. These funds will be made available to LGBTQ+ people in need who are unaffiliated with DC Strokes, with a particular emphasis placed on benefiting women, trans people, and people of color.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion—and, with it, supporting LGBTQ+ rowers—should not be an afterthought. It should not depend on the success of a specific event, held in a specific state, to ensure that diversity is central throughout all that we do. It should not depend on the scraps from the profit margins of what premier coaches are paid.

We are a small organization, with a limited reach, but we see the importance of this work. To those reading this letter, if you are interested in donating to the LGBTQ+ Rower Fund, please click here. Or click here to purchase a t-shirt to support the fund. 100% of all profits will go directly and exclusively to this fund.

We hope to hear more from USRowing over the months ahead as to how it will support LGBTQ+ rowers—in material ways.

We wish the best of luck to those participating in Nationals this week and hope the event will be a safe and welcoming experience for all in attendance.


DC Strokes Rowing Club

June 2, 2022


252 Nassau Street

Princeton, NJ 08542

To the USRowing Board:

On behalf of DC Strokes Rowing Club (DCSRC)—the nation’s oldest rowing club for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+) people and their allies—we write to protest USRowing’s decision to hold its Masters National Championships in Sarasota, Florida, in August 2022. In reaction to USRowing’s troubling decision, we have hereby voted to boycott this year’s event and subsequent Florida-based events, as long as the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law remains in effect.

DCSRC was founded in Washington, DC, in 1991, during the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis and in direct response to the discrimination many members faced as a result of participation in other regional rowing clubs as “out” LGBTQ+ people. DCSRC’s early rowers were asked whether they were spreading AIDS into the Potomac River.

Over the years, discrimination within the sport of rowing in general, and at USRowing events in paritcular, has persisted. Most recently, at the 2019 Masters National Championships in Grand Rapids, Michigan, members of DCSRC were called “faggots” and “sissies” by members of a well-known club in New England. There remains a clear need within the sport for spaces that protect and encourage the participation of LGBTQ+ persons.

For as long as they have been in the public eye, LGBTQ+ people have been portrayed by bigots as pedophiles and threats to children and their families, all while research indicates these portrayals are highly associated with anti-LGBTQ+ violence and murder. Recent decisions by Florida’s government have made it clear that that trend continues to be an animating feature of the state’s leadership—even at great risk to LGBTQ+ lives.

In early 2022, Florida’s government passed its “Don’t Say Gay” law, encouraging parents to report “inappropriate” classroom activity. This includes, but is not limited to, the mention of a child’s LGBTQ+ parent(s). In March, the governor’s spokesperson said that those opposed to the law support “groomers” and are probably “groomers” themselves—those who commit or foster pedophilia.

While this harmful bill was working its way through Florida’s legislature and receiving significant national press coverage as well as wide criticism from the Human Rights Campaign, the Trevor Project, and other pro-LGBTQ+ organizations, USRowing was nonetheless negotiating the contract for the 2022 Masters National Championships. Its March 31, 2022, statement on failed negotiations with Oakland, California, indicates that cost was the deciding factor for choosing Florida as its 2022 venue. Compounding this problem, Florida law permits hotels and restaurants to deny services to LGBTQ+ persons, posing a direct risk to rowers from clubs all while asking USRowing members to provide revenue to a state advancing anti-LGBTQ+ policies that undermine the rights and humanity of so many of our rowers around the country.

While USRowing has taken rhetorical steps in recent years to support and encourage the acceptance of LGBTQ+ rowers with published statements, online forums, and social media, its conscious decision to hold 2022’s Masters National Championships in Florida shows that the organization is more interested in protecting its bottom line than the health, safety, and well-being of its LGBTQ+ rowers.

We will not participate in USRowing’s 2022 Masters National Championships, and we will encourage other rowing clubs to consider a similar boycott so long as Florida’s current laws are in place. Further, we call on USRowing to enact the following concrete actions:

  1. Change its venue for 2022 (and beyond) to ensure the selection of a location with protections for the basic human and civil rights of all its members;

  2. Develop and promulgate a venue and vendor policy that enforces its rhetorical commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion—so that USRowing can hold vendors accountable and so that its members we can hold the organization accountable;

  3. Develop a more transparent process for venue selection in the hopes that USRowing’s members are not forced to choose between competing in a sport and protecting their health, safety, and human rights.

We understand that doing the right thing can be hard and costly, but that is how USRowing’s mettle and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion will be shown—if it is willing to do what is right to protect and support its members. Without cost, there is no courage; we hope to see USRowing behave with as much courage and commitment as its previous words promise.


DC Strokes Rowing Club

- - -

Are you interested in signing on in support of this letter and boycott? Email

If you are an individual, include your name and club affiliation, if any (individuals are not assumed to represent their clubs); if you are a rowing club or organization, include your entity's name.

- - -

Other Signatories

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Greater Columbus Rowing Association DEI Committee

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Kit Aaboe (ZLAC Rowing Club)

Mel Abler (TopRow NYC)

Shannon Ames (Riverside Boat Club)

Jerry Arnold

WT Arnold

Gary Ashley (River City Rowing Club)

Loretta Attardo (WeCanRow—Boston)

Elizabeth Avery (Cambridge Boat Club)

Simone Azure (Chicago Rowing Union)

J. Baker

Jessica Baker (Undine Barge Club)

Lauren Baker

Cristina Battani (Marin Rowing Association)

Grace Beery (Boston University Women’s Lightweight Rowing)

Moushumi Beltangady (Capital Rowing Club)

Tyler Bergmeier (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

Chuck Bianchi (Sweeps & Sculls Rowing)

Kellie Bianchi (Sweeps & Sculls Rowing)

Mark Bianchi (Sweeps & Sculls Rowing)

Justin Boatner (Athletes Without Limits)

Maggie Bodkin (WeCanRow—Boston)

Estel Boix Noguer (River City Rowing Club)

Erin Bonney (Community Rowing Inc.)

Caro-Gray Bosca (Riverside Boat Club)

Laura Bottger (Bainbridge Island Rowing)

Kate Boyd (Marin Rowing Association)

James Braeu (DC Strokes Rowing Club)

Susan C. Brighton (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

Barbara Brocker (Capital Rowing Club)

Ann Broderick (Toledo Rowing Club)

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Dawn Carey (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

Florian Carle (Great River Rowing)

Phillip Carlisle (DC Strokes Rowing Club)

Krysta Chauncey-Allen (Community Rowing Inc.)

Karen Chenausky (Riverside Boat Club)

Ariana Childs Graham (DC Strokes Rowing Club)

Elizabeth Christmas (Riverside Boat Club)

Hazel Cimino (Richmond Community Rowing)

Debra A. Chute (Narragansett Boat Club)

Gary Clark (Cleveland Rowing Foundation; Western Reserve Rowing Association)

Janet Clark (Cleveland Rowing Foundation; Western Reserve Rowing Association)

Peyton Clark (Ohio State Crew)

Ingrid Clarke-Marshall (Capital Rowing Club)

Amy Clawson (Greater Columbus Rowing Association)

Tamara Clayton (TopRow—New Haven; Crew Haven Rowing)

Peter Clements (Potomac Boat Club)

Herb Cohen (Three Rivers Rowing Association)

Susan E. Cohen (Vesper Boat Club)

Meg Conan (Hamilton College Rowing)

Carey Connell (Station L Rowing Club)

Ernest Cook (Riverside Boat Club)

John Cooke (DC Strokes Rowing Club)

Charlotte Copp (Station L Rowing Club; Portland Boat Club)

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Laurie Cotton-Smith (Atlanta Rowing Club) Leigh Cover (DC Strokes Rowing Club)

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Jack Giuliano (Sweeps & Sculls Rowing)

Elizabeth Glenshaw (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

David Gloss (Chicago Rowing Union)

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Annie Hammel (Capital Rowing Club)

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Dave Harvey (Tacoma Rowing)

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Ella Hazon (Athletes Without Limits)

Dr. Joseph Henderson (DC Strokes Rowing Club)

Alison Herr (ZLAC Rowing Club)

Janine Herring (Capital Rowing Club)

Trish Hetman (Cortlandt Community Rowing Association)

Betsy Hochberg (Cambridge Boat Club)

Spurge Hogan

Rachel Horta (DC Strokes Rowing Club)

Susy Hovland (mother, Oakland Tech High School Rowing; East Bay Rowing Club)

Amy Hubbard (Capital Rowing Club)

Kendra Hunt

Marny Jaastad (San Diego Rowing Club)

Heather Johnson (Portland Boat Club)

Marilyn Karl (Penn AC Rowing Association)

Corinne Kazmierczak (West Side Rowing Club)

Marie Keil (Community Rowing Inc.)

Deb Kemper (Community Rowing Inc.)

Annette Kennedy (Cambridge Boat Club; Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

Marilyn Koblan (Para Rowing Foundation)

Tessa Kohl (Long Beach Rowing Association)

Ann Kraybill (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

KariAnne Kulig

Lisa Kunze (Riverside Boat Club)

Stephen Labas (DC Strokes Rowing Club)

Jean Lambert (Narragansett Boat Club)

Mark Lance (Capital Rowing Club)

Lisa Laskin (Community Rowing Inc.)

Rachel A. Le Mieux (Lake Washington Rowing Club)

Bartlett Leber (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

John Lehet (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

David Levy (Weld Boathouse)

Daniella Logan

Jessie Lordan (East Bay Rowing Club)

Narintohn Luangrath (Capital Rowing Club)

Melissa Ludtke (Community Rowing Inc.)

Terry Luskin (WeCanRow—Boston)

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Michael Lyons (Carnegie Lake Rowing Association)

Rob MacTurk (Octos)

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Liz Marshall (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation; Cambridge Boat Club)

Denise Martini (East Bay Rowing Club)

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Libby McCann (Community Rowing Inc.)

Sandra McCann (Community Rowing Inc.)

Denise K. McClanahan (Chicago Rowing Union)

Stephanie McFadden (East Bay Rowing Club)

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Georg Menzl (East Bay Rowing Club)

Sarah Middleton (Athletes Without Limits)

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Jeff Peterson (Cambridge Boat Club)

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Charlotte Pittman (ZLAC Rowing Club)

Steve Platt (Swan Creek Rowing Club)

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Luis Prado (White Rock Rowing)

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Clark Rachfal (Capital Adaptive Rowing Program; Capital Rowing Club)

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Beata Randall (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

Valerie Reeves (Three Rivers Rowing Association)

Stacy Rexrode (Carolina Masters Rowing)

Carin Reynolds (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

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Lisa D. Richardson

Ann Robbart (Cambridge Boat Club)

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Pamela Roberts (Potomac Boat Club)

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Miranda Robinson-Perez (Capital Rowing Club)

Danny Rogers (TopRow NYC; Row New York)

Jon Roux (DC Strokes Rowing Club)

Lindy Roux (Capital Rowing Club)

Marloes Rozing (Riverside Boat Club)

Cheri Ruane (Riverside Boat Club)

Paula Rugg (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

Thor Runeman (Cambridge Boat Club)

Jessica Sabat (Sag Harbor Community Rowing)

Olivia Sabat (Harlem River Community Rowing)

Peggy Sadler (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

CB Sands-Bohrer (Cambridge Boat Club)

Bjorn Sandstede (Narragansett Boat Club)

Dustin Schade (DC Strokes Rowing Club)

Jane Schaffer (Station L Rowing Club)

Andrea Schley (Saugatuck Rowing Club)

Daniel Schley (Saugatuck Rowing Club)

Pam Scott (Marin Rowing Association)

Kathy Sierminski (Palmetto Rowing Club)

Rock Singewald (Narragansett Boat Club)

Karen Sluzenski (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

Arthor Soloman (DC Strokes Rowing Club)

Leslie Sonder (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

Sarah Stafford (Greater Columbus Rowing Association)

Meris Steele (Capital Rowing Club; Gray Knights Rowing Club)

Claire Stoner (Capital Rowing Club)

Jennifer Stoner (Greater Columbus Rowing Association)

Taylan Stulting (TopRow NYC)

Camilla Sutter (Community Rowing Inc.)

Daniel Swartley McArdle (Undine Barge Club)

Berin Szóka (Capital Rowing Club)

David Szybalski (DC Strokes Rowing Club)

Janet Taylor (Cambridge Boat Club)

Luce Taylor

Karin Tetlow (Bachelors Barge Club)

Susan G. Toler

Michael Toutloff (Chicago Rowing Union)

Darije Tufekcic (River City Rowing Club)

Roberta Turri Vise (Cambridge Boat Club)

Alanna Uthgenannt (Austin Rowing Club)

Mary Ann van Beuren

Laura Van Orden Rudberg (Riverside Boat Club)

Annette Von Jaglinsky (CHaOS Rowing)

Tolsun Waddle (Walt Whitman Crew)

Matt Weise (Rowers Dream)

Lisa Weise (Rowers Dream)

Theresa Welsh (Community Rowing Inc.)

Liz Welsh Bryan (Undine Barge Club)

Edward D. Wengryn (Carnegie Lake Rowing Association)

Carolyn A. White (Cambridge Boat Club)

Ann Whitney (WeCanRow—Boston)

Jen Whiting

Amy Wiesenfeld (WeCanRow—Boston)

Alice Wiseberg (Riverside Boat Club)

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Mia Zierk (Northern Michigan Rowing Club)

[Unalphabetized; In Progress]

Mark Grinberg (Riverside Boat Club)

Anita Verheul (Riverside Boat Club)

Alison Sanders-Fleming (Cambridge Boat Club)

Nikki Navta (River City Rowing Club)

Gretchen O'Sullivan (DC Strokes Rowing Club)

Mike Shields (Amoskeag Rowing Club)

Andrea Covelli (Community Rowing Inc.)

Tom Loughlin (Marin Rowing Association)

Fred Good (Cambridge Boat Club)

Ryan Weeks (Baltimore Community Rowing)

Kate Devine (Upper Valley Rowing Foundation)

Larry Elswit (Cambridge Boat Club)

Caryn Muellerleile (Capital Rowing Club)

Pat Trzcinski (Riverside Boat Club)

Megan Lydon (Community Rowing Inc.; Boston College Rowing)

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Victoria Goetz (Riverside Boat Club)

Courtney Forrester (Cambridge Boat Club)

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David J. Nelson (Open Water Rowing Center)

Tricia Carney (Riverside Boat Club)

Barbara Hoyt (Casitas Rowing; Riverside Boat Club)

John Langermann (Riverside Boat Club)

Lizzy Houston (Riverside Boat Club)

Kara Brown (Riverside Boat Club)

Meloni Courtway (Bainbridge Island Rowing) Sarah McKinnon (WeCanRow—Boston)

Karen Landy (Community Rowing Inc.)

Marjorie Elliott (Community Rowing Inc.)

Neeharika Mehta (Community Rowing Inc.)

Libby Boghossian (Riverside Boat Club)

Kate Boyd (Marin Rowing Association)

Julie Warren

Lauren Schumer (Potomac Boat Club)

Jenn Panko (Marin Rowing Association) Chelsea Vessenes (Bainbridge Island Rowing) Jen Vasterling (Riverside Boat Club) Ed Ballo (Riverside Boat Club)

Chris Downey (East Bay Rowing Club)

Lisa Hassler (Quinsigamond Rowing Club)

Carla Ferrara (Quinsigamond Rowing Club)

Linda Guida (Quinsigamond Rowing Club)

Karen Duffy (Quinsigamond Rowing Club)

James Byrnes (Quinsigamond Rowing Club) Paul Cannistraro (Riverside Boat Club) Esther Lofgren (Potomac Boat Club; Old Glory Boat Club)

Mindy Hatfield (Cincinnati Rowing Club) Ann Wolfe (Montlake Rowing Club)

Maria Alonso (Cincinnati Rowing Club)

James Wilson

Liara Meg Gonzalez (CHaOS Rowing)

Elizabeth Hogan (CHaOS Rowing)

Tracy Lathrup (CHaOS Rowing)

Sean MacRosty (CHaOS Rowing)

Hal Maner (CHaOS Rowing)

Beth Manley (CHaOS Rowing)

Felix Muhlebach (CHaOS Rowing)

Douglas O’Flaherty (CHaOS Rowing)

Jan Niklas Ulrich (CHaOS Rowing)

Reid Wilson (CHaOS Rowing)

Julianne Peters (CHaOS Rowing)

Laura Nelson (CHaOS Rowing)

Sara Walker (Station L Rowing Club)

Madeline Pommier (Station L Rowing Club)

Anita Bigelow (Portland Boat Club; Station L Boat Club)

Lisa Regan-Vienop (Station L Rowing Club)

Dana H. Perrone (Potomac Boat Club)

Connor Goham (Capital Rowing Club)

Lori Jensen (Station L Rowing Club)

Ann E. Maloney MD (Quinsigamond Rowing Club)

Susan Lucas-Conwell

James Stokes Hatch (Potomac Boat Club) Ann Sullivan (Quinsigamond Rowing Club)

Ed Ryan (Potomac Boat Club)

Jane Rueger (DC Strokes Rowing Club) Nicholas Hudak (DC Strokes Rowing Club) Mark C. Shields (Lincoln Park Boat Club)

Lyle Antieau

John O’Donnell

Laurie Lawton-Smith

Nancy Diessner (Yankee Rowing Club)

Jim McCarthy (Bergen County Rowing Academy)

Julie Ciulla

(List current as of September 16, 9:00 a.m.)

EARTH DAY 🌎 2022 will be celebrated at the boathouse on Saturday, April 23, with joint Anacostia Watershed Society/Anacostia Community Boathouse Association (ACBA) clean up and bioswale work sessions.

The bioswale work session will be 9:30am - 12 (the AWS Clean up is 10am -12).

Please consider joining us for a special session on SATURDAY for Earth Day. (Regular monthly Bioswale work sessions tend to happen on the last Sunday of the month).

Students who need service learning hours can also get credit for helping - bring your forms for us to sign. Leaders of youth programs are encouraged to arrange for your youth participation. We can work with you to provide a tailored experience.

Care of the bioswale is an ACBA-wide activity so we are looking for representatives from all clubs in the boathouse community. The morning satisfies your volunteer hours requirement. Your help with the edge of the river at the boathouse will be greatly appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, April 23! 🌱

For the River!


Mary Ellsworth

Environmental Captain, ACBA

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