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Join the Spring Fitness Challenge

Ping your pal Pat in Poughkeepsie.

Call your cousin Carol in Cleveland.

Pair up with Aunt Annie in Annapolis

It's time for the 2022 DC Strokes 2022 Spring Fitness Challenge!

Modelled after our popular Virtual Stonewall Regattas held during the pandemic, the Spring Fitness Challenge is a fun way to get moving as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer.

How it works
  • Walk, run, bike, row or erg a whole lot between March 12 through March 19.

  • Earn points based on how many meters you log.

  • The top five "finishers" in each category will receive winner medals.

  • All registrants will receive a participation medal.

Increase your chances

After registering, you can form or be on as many teams as you like:

  • Two-person teams (You and your pal Pat could be "Team Go-Go"; you and your cousin Carol could also be "Team Cherry Blossoms")

  • Four-person teams (You and Pat and Carol and Aunt Annie also could be "Team Mambo Sauce")

  • Eight-person teams (Find four more and create yet another team.)

It all starts soon!

$35 per person gets you on as many teams as you want



Nadege Nouviale and Patrick Krieger, Directors


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