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Program Offerings

Advanced Sculling


For rowers looking to challenge themselves and continue to improve their technique, DC Strokes has added Advanced Sculling for 2022, with three evenings of professionally coached rowing each week.


The class is limited to eight people in order to offer lots of personal attention and feedback tailored to your goals.

Workouts will become increasingly rigorous over the course of the 24-week season. While competing in regattas is not expected, it is encouraged.

You should have at least one season of sculling experience in order to participate in this program. Please contact Coach Chantel Sheaks ( to discuss if this program is right for you.

Equipment and Safety

To ensure safety as well as individual attention, we will launch no more than six boats (singles and doubles) at a practice. Therefore, registration will be limited to eight people.


DC Strokes has a small but growing fleet of singles and doubles, so we rely on the generosity of other clubs who share their equipment, particularly Athletes Without Limits, which is sponsored by DC Strokes as part of our community outreach. As such, we have zero tolerance for negligence when it comes to any equipment (on the water or on land). Rowers determined to be negligent when it comes to equipment or safety will be asked to leave the program, and no refunds will be given.

Participants must certify that they have read the DSCRC Small Boats Manual. and agree to use the DC Strokes iCrew account to manage equipment.

2022 Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 6:15-7:45 p.m.

Mid-April through mid-October (exact dates will be based on water temperature and visibility)


$720 for the season, plus 3.5% credit card processing fee (approximately 72 coached sessions)

Contact for payment plan options. 

Participants also must be current DC Strokes members ($40 for 2022), as well as have a current US Rowing waiver ($15 for most rowers).

About the Coach

In 2012, after stopping smoking, Coach Chantel picked up a new addiction: rowing. Although she initially started in sweep, she immediately realized that sculling was her passion. Coach Chantel started coaching with DC Strokes as as a novice sweep coach in 2018, but as the pandemic hit, she pivoted to starting our small boats program. Coach Chantel not only coaches, but is also an active racer in the mixed double. Contact the coach > 

Advanced Sculling
Independent Sculling

Independent Sculling


DC Strokes continues to offer a program that allows certified scullers to row independently under the DC Strokes banner.


Independent scullers may take out singles and doubles without a coach only during daylight hours. Only certified scullers may sign up for independent sculling.  To be certified, you must:

  • have passed the flip test under observation from an ACBA coach, 

  • show competence in boat handling (on and off the water),

  • be confident on the water without a coach,

  • certify that you have read and are familiar with the DSCRC Small Boats Manual. and Safety Manual,

  • certify that you have read, are familiar with, and will abide by all DC Strokes and ACBA safety policies, especially those relating to COVID-19 safety, and

  • have registered on the DC Strokes iCrew app and received training on how to use it


Mid-May through the end of the season in late October/early November.

Enrollment Limits


The DC Strokes fleet of singles and doubles is small. Coached programs (Learn-to-Scull, Intermediate Sculling, and all AWL programs) are given priority on DC Strokes equipment.  Usage of private boats is permitted, but must be arranged with the owner of the boat and reflected in the permissions for that boat on iCrew.

When not in use during a coached program, DC Strokes equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and it must be reserved through iCrew.

For assistance or questions about boats:




Participants also must be current DC Strokes members ($40 for 2022), as well as have a current US Rowing waiver ($15 for most rowers).

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