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Masters Club Sweep


The goal of the Masters Program is to improve the rowing ability and fitness level of rowers with a wide range of technical ability and fitness levels. Each practice session is focused on building each rower’s technique, endurance, and strength on and off the water. 

Every rower should (when leaving a practice) be able to say to themselves either, “I learned something new today that will help improve my technique” or “I got a good workout in today that will help my speed and endurance,” and preferably both.  

Program Structure

Masters Program practices may include both sculling (in doubles or quads) and sweep rowing (in pairs, fours, and eights), based on demand, safety concerns, and coaching availability.

Coaches will be ready to provide additional off-the-water training suggestions, if asked by program participants.

Racing at regattas is an excellent way of measuring improvement over the course of the season, as well as meeting the Club’s Mission of visibility and outreach; therefore participation at regattas is encouraged, but not required.  Details on racing can be found below.

Program Schedule

The 2022 Masters sweep schedule is being developed. Check back soon for dates! The season starts in early April and continues through the first week of November.

For 2021, the practice schedule was:

  • Mornings: Tuesdays and Thursdays (twice a week) 5:15 AM - 7:00 AM

  • Evenings: Monday - Thursday (four times a week) 6:15 PM - 8:00 PM

  • Weekend Morning: Sundays 9:15 AM - 11:00 AM


Members of the Masters Program can attend any practice their schedule allows; participants can row both in the morning and evening, even on the same day. This allows rowers increased flexibility to try new coaches by attending different practice times that they choose. 


The practice schedule is subject to change dependent on demand and shell and  coaching availability.


For DC Strokes members not currently enrolled in any program, the program fee for 2021 is $675. Payment in 3 monthly installments is available.

Students enrolled full time receive a 50 % discount on all Program Fees. Dedicated coxswains do not pay program fees.

As always, additional payment plans and discounts are available for those with financial hardships. Please contact the treasurer at for more information.


Preparing for racing is strongly encouraged in the Masters Program.  Whereas in the past establishing and preparing racing lineups fell primarily on the Program Coaches, this Masters Program structure moves the onus more onto the rowers wishing to race.

Coaches or rowers can propose a race lineup, with the lineup having a goal regatta to prepare for.  Over the course of Masters Program practices, a set of rowers may be self-identified or identified by the coaches that feel ready to put the extra effort into preparing to race.

Learn to Row

Novice Program


Registration is now open!

Finished the Learn to Row Program and ready for more? The Novice Program is for new rowers to advance their skills, build fitness, and have opportunities to race. People with previous rowing experience but who have not rowed in several years also might consider the Novice Program.


The Novice Program focuses on building rower technique and fitness throughout the season. Novice team members are asked to attend as many practices as possible; two sessions a week is considered a minimum.

Novices are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one sprint race (summer) and one head race (a longer race that typically occurs in the fall).

Rowers who complete the Novice Program will be prepared to join either the Morning Sweep or Evening Sweep program the following season.

What You Will Learn

  • Deeper knowledge of rowing basics

  • Equipment care

  • How to row in smaller boats (four-person shells)

  • Coxswain basics

  • Training for races

2022 Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, 6-8 p.m.

May 31-late October/early November 


$500 for the season (approximately 87 coached sessions), plus 3.5% credit card processing fee

Contact to pay by check or for payment plan options. 

Participants also must be current DC Strokes members ($40 for 2022), as well as have a current US Rowing waiver ($15 for most rowers).

Novice Program

Evening Sweep


Registration is now open!

The Evening Sweep Program offers rowers with varying degrees of experience and abilities the opportunity to receive four days a week of professionally coached rowing, with several opportunities to compete in regattas.


The purpose of the Evening Sweep Program is to help rowers improve their technique, and increase their strength and fitness. While participating in regattas is not required of those in the evening program, it is encouraged. Participants are expected to have a desire to continuously improve.


Rowers are expected to attend three if not four practices a week (with allowances for work and personal travel).

2022 Schedule


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, 6:15-8 p.m.

April 4 through late October/early November 


$720 for the season (approximately 120 coached sessions), plus 3.5% credit card processing fee

Contact to pay by check or for payment plan options. 

Participants also must be current DC Strokes members ($40 for 2022), as well as have a current US Rowing waiver ($15 for most rowers).

Evening Sweep

How to Register

For 2022, DC Strokes will use iCrew (created by rowers, for rowers) for registration, attendance, communication and equipment logging. To set up your iCrew account:

  1. Complete the iCrew onboarding process.

  2. Enter the registration code: DCSRCxMem.

  3. Select the program you plan to attend.

If you already have an iCrew account, go to "Teams" and join the program you are interested in.

Need technical or registration assistance?​

Covid protocols


Consistent with US Rowing recommendations, participants in DC Strokes programs should provide proof of Covid vaccination. Those who are unvaccinated should wear a mask at all times while participating in DC Strokes activities. These protocols are subject to change, based on guidelines from US Rowing, and local and federal jurisdictions. 

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