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Guest Rowers

DC Strokes has a Sweep Program offered at two different times throughout the week that enable experienced rowers visiting from out of town to join us.


DC Strokes welcomes experienced rowers who are not DCSRC members to join on-the-water practices. Interested athletes should email to express their intention along with the dates and times they are able to attend, and CC the respective Coach for the Program(s) you are looking to join in on. The Programs Director or relevant Coach will reach out to confirm availability. Please note that DCSRC members take precedence over guest rowers when making lineups if conflicts occur.

If you’d like to join us for a few practices, we ask that you:


  • let us know at least one week in advance of  you intention to join us,

  • have a current USRowing membership, 

  • pay the one-time DC Strokes annual membership fee, 

  • attest you know how to swim one lap, don/doff a PFD, and can tread water, and 

  • adhere to our safety standards and policies outlined in our Membership Handbook. 


Donations to DCSRC, while always appreciated, are never expected.

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