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Joining DC Strokes

If you want to sign up for:

  • Learn-to-Row

  • Spring/Summer/Fall Rowing

  • Intermediate and Advanced Sculling

  • Independent Sculling

  • Individual Regatta Participation

  • Winter Training

We got you. This is the page to get all your information!

Signing up for all programs requires two steps:

Step 1 --> Go to step 1 instructions

  • This is required for ALL ROWERS in the United States, including new Learn to Row participants

  • Become a member of USRowing (The federation of all rowing clubs and athletes in the United States)

  • If you are already member of USRowing you can skip step 1 and continue with step 2

Step 2 --> Go to step 2 instructions

  • Become a member of DC Strokes Rowing Club

If you have at any point concerns or questions, please reach out to and cc:

No really, we are here to help!

Step 1: US Rowing Waiver

Before engaging in any activity with DC Strokes Rowing Club, members are required to annually sign the current USRowing Release Waiver. DCSRC receives insurance coverage as part of membership with USRowing and the waiver is a requirement of that membership. Non-compliance will prevent you from being boated.

Additionally, the USRowing waiver database is integrated into RegattaCentral, which is the registration system that most regattas use. This way regattas can confirm that every entered rower has a currently valid USRowing waiver.

  1. Head to to sign up for an individual membership (see picture above)

  2. Select Individuals – Join

  3. Club team or name is D.C. Strokes Rowing Club

  4. DCSRC Club Code: M4SX6

  5. Continue filling out the form

  6. Choose the $25 basic membership level and complete membership purchase

If you have any questions or if you need your USRowing membership number, please contact the Membership Director at

Step 2: Sign up for Boathouse Connect

DC Strokes uses Boathouse Connect to manage our boathouse operations, including registration, payment, equipment, and practices.


You will need to create an account at Boathouse Connect to sign up for DC Strokes programs:

  1. Create an account at using the same email as you did with USRowing

  2. Click New User to make an account and then log in.

    1. Fill out all of the rowing experience questions to the best of your abilities

    2. Be sure to select the best emergency contact, in case of an emergency

    3. Join an existing organization and select DC Strokes (DCRC)

    4. Click Request Invite.

    5. You’re in!

  3. Select your program & enroll

    1. On the left panel, click My Profile –>> My Profile –> then at the top you will see a “Contact info” tab. Enter both email and phone number. We send out texts to phone number and emails in case we have to cancel practice.​

      • ​​Under My Profile –>> Basic Information we ask that you enter your height and weight for the purposes of allocating the right equipment, which is designed for both of those characteristics. This information will only be available to coaches and DC Strokes admins.

    2. On the left panel, click Finances –>> My Finances and add a credit card as a payment method – DO NOT make a payment, the system will auto-charge in about 2 days based on what group you join. You also have the option to pay by ACH payment

    3. On the left panel, click My Groups and then select the group you want.

  • You will need to join 2023 DC Strokes Membership group as a prerequisite before joining any programs. You can self-join on the right column after selecting the group, by clicking the button next to the field self-join allowed?

  • Enrollees for Advanced and Independent sculling programs must request to join, as they are subject to experience requirements and equipment limitations at the discretion of the coaches.​


After you join the correct group for you, the appropriate fees will be automatically charged in 1-2 days.

Congrats, you're signed up!

Screen Shot 2023-03-20 at 11.30.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-20 at 11.52.04 PM.png
Step 1: US Rowing Waiver
Step 2: Boathouse Connect

General Information​

  • Please read all group information before joining a group!

  • All billing is done through this platform. If you wish to use cash or check, do not put in a credit card and sign up with the rest of the steps.

If you have questions, email cc: We are here to help!

Bookmark Boathouse Connect today!

(The app only handles attendance declaration, upcoming practices, and payments at this time.)

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